SAT – Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT 1 / SAT 2

SAT is a written test (Pen & Paper) and it is a admission requisite for almost all the universities in USA for Under Graduate Level of study, some league universities also require SAT 2 scores for their decision making, SAT 2 is a subject test in the fields of Engineering/Science/Arts/Architecture.

SAT 1 is a 3hour test, primarily multiple choice test it is to assess the verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities, most of the colleges require SAT 1 scores for admission decisions, SAT 1/Reasoning test consists of 3 sub sections: WARNING, CRITICAL WRITING & MATHEMATICS and the test is for a score of 2400 maximum.

SAT 2 which is a subject test and is for 1hour,primarily multiple choice test to measure your knowledge and level of understanding for particular subject you have applied for, many league universities require you to take this test along with SAT 1, SAT 2 /Subject test is for a score of 800 maximum for each subject you appear for.

URL for getting registered for SAT test:, SAT exam registration fee is USD$91.

SAT score is valid for 5years, at the end of the SAT test students have a provision of reporting their scores to maximum of 4 Universities for FREE, additional score reporting charges per University is USD$11.